Khao Lak Guest rooms at Bang Niang beach road in Khao Lak

Khao Lak Guest House

Khao Lak Guest House provides a comfortable fully equipped rooms with a great value of money. We are located in the heart of Khao Lak at the Bang Niang road, just 10 minutes walk to the beach and 2 minutes walk to the Bang Niang market and restaurants, shops and nightlife activities.

Bang Niang is in the center of the Khao Lak area. It has small streets full of shop and restaurants: Thai, Japanese, Mexican, Italian, German and street food. It’s all just 5 minutes walk from Khao Lak Guest House. Fancy a drink in the evening, there plenty of small bars to trendy beach clubs at the Bang Niang beach.

Rooms from 900.- Baht a night

The rooms at Khao Lak Guest House are new and spacious. All the rooms have their own bathroom with cold/hot water shower. A balcony to relax outside your room. The kingsize mattress is comfortable for a good night sleep and the rooms have air-con and a fan. The big fridge has plenty of space for food and keeping your drinks cold. Or if you like to make a coffee, there is a hot water cooker in the room.

Khao Lak Excursions

Khao Lak Guesthouse offers different in-house services. If you like to explore Khao Lak area by yourself, just rent a motorbike at Khao Lak Guest House. The staff is well known for the area and can give plenty of tips for some great rides. Like to go diving or snorkeling? Or looking for a land excursion? You can get advice and make your booking with our staff.


  • Air Conditioning
  • Fan
  • Free Wifi.
  • Safe Deposit Box.
  • Big Refrigerator
  • Balcony
  • Own bathroom
  • Hot / Cold water
  • Kingsize bed
  • Motorbike rental
  • Land excursions
  • Diving Trips
Khao Lak guesthouse spacious rooms at Bang Niang

About Khao Lak

The village of Khao Lak with just a sprinkling of hotels, resorts, guest houses restaurants and shops offers a relaxed atmosphere with a laid-back spirit.  Khao Lak is nestled between the tranquil Andaman Sea and the with jungle-covered mountains of Khao Lak National Park. With a picture postcard landscape of mysterious temple caves and enchanting waterfalls combined with shimmering shores and natural wildlife, it is an idyllic hideaway where you can unwind in stunning surroundings.

Gateway to Similan and Surin islands

Khao Lak is the gateway to some of the top scuba diving areas in southern Thailand, Khao Lak originally started as a diving destination, with people drawn by the enchanting Surin and Similan Islands. With colorful coral gardens and an underwater world teeming with anemones in a kaleidoscope of reds, yellows, and blues, you are also likely to encounter snappers, rays, snappers, barracudas, turtles, and even the manta rays and whale sharks in the shimmering water that lap the glittering shores. For diving or snorkeling trips you can contact our staff.

Spend your days listening to the sound of the surf as you run your fingers through the soft sands, perhaps lying under the shade of the palms and caesareans pine trees that lace the beach or create your own adventure in the enchanting rainforest filled with vibrant color and wildlife.

Land exursion to Khao Sok booked at Khao Lak guesthouse
Book your excursion to the Similan islands at Khao Lak Guest House